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April 8, 1940 - What Happened - On This Day

As kunne retired towards Narvik, she encountered ludeman and zenker and they turned towards the British force.818 Squadron with nine aircraft under Lt Cdr.G.Lapper, Commissioned Gunner.

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Rosyth to relieve submarine clyde off Egersund. On 6 January Lord Halifax, then the British Foreign Secretary, warned the Norwegian Minister in London that the minefield was about to

be laid. _ German supply ship levante (4770grt) arrived safely at Trondheim, three days behind schedule. Destroyer hostile joined the repulse force during the night and all arrived off Vestfjord at 1130/9th. Old Norwegian submarines.2,.3 and.4 of the 1st Submarine Division ligger were berthed at Horten and submarine.4 was refitting at Horten. Kongens nei -. They were joined by destroyer trombe from Casablanca. On 12 March, the United Kingdom decided to send an expeditionary force to Norway just as the Winter War was winding down. _ Convoy.1 of steamers lombardy (3379grt) and lochee (964grt) arrived at Scapa Flow at 0800 escorted by destroyers wolverine and vanessa. Cossack departed Skelfjord at 2300/23rd after more emergency repairs with British tanker WAR pindari and arrived at Scapa Flow at 0830/27th. They were put ashore on the 13th from destroyer giese where they had been held. The actual operation was carried out successfully. Destroyer maori departed Scapa Flow at 1345/17th to join the convoy. In December, the United Kingdom and France began serious planning for sending aid to Finland. Eskimo fired torpedoes into kunne to complete the destruction. Warspite's aircraft scouting ahead of the force located.64, on her first war patrol, on the surface off Bjevik and sank her with bombs in 6829N, 1730E. One of the torpedoes struck eskimo under the forecastle blasting away the forward part of the ship. Faced with the explicit threat of the Luftwaffe bombing the civilian population of Copenhagen, and with only General Prior in favor of fighting on, King Christian X and the entire Danish government capitulated at approximately 06:00 in exchange for retaining political independence in domestic matters. _ French steamers general metzinger and chenoneaux departed Marseilles and were escorted by destroyer tempete from Oran. Off Stavanger were.1 and.4, with.1 off the actual harbour entrance and.4 off the outer channel in a position to protect Haugesand as well. Unsurprisingly both Norway and Sweden protested strongly, and the plan was suspended. U.29 arrived at Bergen on the 19th and departed on the 20th. Trident finished off posidonia with torpedoes at 1320 near Stavern. Minelayer brage (236grt) and auxiliary patrol vessel treff (204grt) surrendered at Melsomvik on the 14th. Destroyer cossack was ordered to tow kashmir to Lerwick escorted by destroyers zulu and the damaged kelvin. _ Convoy.127 departed Liverpool escorted by destroyers versatile from 10 to 11 April and vanquisher from 10 to 13 April. _ German steamer muansa (5472grt) was lost on a mine near Oslofjord.

Icelandic steamer, destroyers hesperus and havant were sent at 1700 to the area to search for the submarine. Mashona and matabele turned south on receipt of intelligence of ships in the Skagerrak and Kattegat to join light cruisers manchester and southampton skifte which were unsupported off Norwayapos. Norwegian campaign Steamers blackheath 4637grt of convoy. Light cruiser sheffield 1507 trawler RAU VI, three companies of paratroopers would be used to seize airfields. Upon finding no batteries, kattegat was sunk late on the 9th by Norwegian patrol boat nordkapp off Neverdal in Tannholmford. First Battle of Narvik Royal Navy vs Kriegsmarine on 9 April.


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8 april 1940

The convoy was escorted by sloop enchantress on the 14th and sloop sandwich from 14 to 20 April when the convoy arrived at form Gibraltar. Blyskawica arrived at Scapa Flow at 0630 from Rosyth. Devonshire arrived back in the Kirkenes at 163816th and joined furious with ilex and isis which had arrived there. Late in the evening of, cachalot was able to proceed under her own power to the Tyne arriving on the e was taken to Sheerness on the 27th escorted by destroyer winchester. The wreck of uten Swedish steamer strassa was sunk on 11 May by an internal explosion. Et al departed Hatston to attack Bergen. Escort vessel winchester completed conversion at Portsmouth.

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_ During German bombing from 1540 to 1700, destroyer eclipse of Forbes' Main Force was bombed and badly damaged at 1700 with a hit in the engine room northwest of Trondheim in 6448N, 0752E.