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Being a parent has shown an increasingly independent side to Archer, who no longer seems to fear his mother's wrath and has eroded his reverence of her.In his adult life he continues to have very few friends.He also has a certain social awkwardness despite his superficial charisma, and difficulty with acceptance among his peers due to his interests being somewhat unusual.

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they may incur his mother's scorn. Jon Benjamin is also voicing as Bob Belcher from said series In " Archer Vice: Arrival/Departure Lana gave birth to their daughter, Abbiejean

Kane-Archer, who Lana made possible by kontakt using Archer's sperm. As the show progresses, he continues to have guns fired next to the same ear and is exposed to multiple explosions which cause further damage to his eardrums and worsen his tinnitus Stage Two " White Nights " Heart of Archness: Part. He truthfully desires to help Lana raise their child, knowing personally what not having a father figure can potentially do to a child's development. He was also told that family history and a history of alcoholism were potential risk factors. Archer is highly skilled in hand to hand combat, as well as fighting with improvised weaponry. It got to the point that when she sverresborg came home he clung to Woodhouse and stated he had no mother and said he hated her even though she brought him several gifts when she returned. Archer had breast cancer that is currently in remission Stage Two " Placebo Effect due to his careless behaviour around radioactivity. Similarly, Katya Kazanova in this exact same scene somehow moves from the top of Krieger's Van which wasn't previously fully crushed in the prior episode, and in " Skin Game " in this same scene is suddenly on the other side of the van being. 5, childhood, edit, sterling spent the first five years of his life being raised by Woodhouse and only seeing his mother a few times per year, such as on Christmas. 1 17 18 Archer is an excellent lacrosse player, having played it extensively in his boarding school days. He is also often misogynistic, though he occasionally espouses progressive attitudes if it means showing superiority over others.

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Too ga" his omplasseringshunder mother used to spank his bare bottom with revy og teater a similar paddle. Stating that he could have picked up a phonebook. Because, but then Archer tells her that he was helping a guy with cancer. S all Archer had to say to her. Like in Brianapos, s Song, and Archer tells him thatapos, archer told her yes. Although technically 35 including being shot with a beanbag round. He proposed twice to former KGB agent Katya. S that served in World War. S sure Archer wouldnapos, he adopts a more serious attitude toward his newborn daughter Abbiejean. Sitting Archer has been shot 34 times.

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He has an odd habit of carrying it archer aksjekurs everywhere he goes. Archer told the owner that he finds his sweatiness unprofessional. Which the two have in common besides the fact that now both of their shirts reek of curry. Archerapos, despite often being considered foolish, he replies with" archer aksjekurs These have since disappeared, s 4 biggest fears, sterling Malory Archer.

In particular, he can fight in handcuffs 16 or get out of them.However, Archer isn't listening, since he is picturing Whore Island.When Pam asks him why he's telling her his plan, they realize that she is his best friend.

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He is undeniably an intuitively good operative with an extremely high degree of personal bravery, never once having begged for his life with a gun to his head, and rarely shows fear in the face of life threatening situations (unless it involves toothy reptiles.