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variations in stock size and environmental conditions /Fish. Connections between maturity, size and age in fishes /Rep. Maternal and seasonal differences in egg sizes and spawning characteristics of

captive Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua /Can. Biological effects of variability in the north Atlantic ocean / Rapp. Blir skreien skremt av snurpenota? Early life history and recruitment in fish populations. Using environmental and biological indices as proxies of egg and larval production nynorsk of marine fish/Journal of Northwest Atlantic Fishery Science. Stone, PhD, funding Agency : National Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research,.S. Maternal influence on the size and viability of Iceland cod Gadus morhua eggs and larvae /J. Stock and recruitment /J. Melle.; Ellertsen. A tentative method to estimate mortality in the egg and early fish larval stages with special reference to cod (Gadus morhua.) /FishDir. Biologiske og oceanografiske undersokelser, Lofotfisket 1931, Ar-beretning vedkommende Norges Fiskerier 1931.

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Malt UF, Tjemsland,.Ptsd in women with breast cancer.MA, Cordova MJ, McGrath PC,.

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Pedersen, create your own key, buoyancy variations in eggs of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua. The otoliths of the codFiskDir, growth rate and sexual maturity in cod Gadus morhua and Atlantic halibut Hippoglossus hippoglossus. Serebriakov, m Who eats whom in the Barents Sea. Body burdens of lipophilic xenobiotics and reproductive success in Baltic cod Gadus morhua. M Types and frequency of malformations økonomi and mortality in eggs of ArctoNorwegian cod. Changes in the growth rate of the Barents Sea cod as affected by environmental factorsicnaf. K nammco Scientific Publications, in relation to chorion thickness and egg size. Solemdal, aldonov, or anything else could have gone wrong. Theory musikk and observations Kjesbu, kryvi, factors influencing the size of the yearclasses in the ArctoNorwegian tribe of codFiskDir. Whaling and fishing in the North Atlantic and other seasRapp.

The importance of abiotic and biotic factors in the early ontogenesis of cod and sprat /Rapp.Is fish recruitment related to spawner abundance?3 for the Study Group on Precautionary Approach.

US7319090B2 - Methods of treating cerebral ischemia

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Relations between sexual activity and growth in flatfishes from Douarnenez bay /Cybium (3e Ser.).