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Mr Chairperson, the EU notes that significant progress has been achieved regarding the destruction of the chemicals declared by Syria and looks forward to the completion of the relevant processes at the earliest possible date.We are pleased that the hard work of the reviewers and of all the stakeholders in the countries under review has resulted in a considerable amount of valuable data and experience.Ce sujet par le porte-parole de la Haute Repr?

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the organisation. The Trilateral Contact Group must continue its work in its current format, with participants fully engaged, in good faith and in a constructive spirit. The SMMs

reports on the return and growing presence of heavy weapons in locations on both sides of the line of contact add to our concern. We call on all Syrian parties to show clear and concrete commitment to such a political process and we urge those with influence on the parties, and notably on the Assad regime, to put pressure on them to end all violence and to engage constructively. Since then, the European Union, its national regulators and industrial actors have worked together with the iaea, nav helping to develop the integrated review service for radioactive waste and spent fuel management, decommissioning and remediation (called artemis). Access to jobs, education, housing and healthcare remains difficult for many; Roma children often cannot benefit from the same quality of education as other children. We call on all parties to fully comply with the ceasefire. Finally, we welcome the valuable support provided by the ohchr in the area of technical assistance and capacity building. More generally, the EU expresses strong appreciation for the work of the ohchr aimed at advancing the practical realisation of all human rights for all. If implemented this would be a welcome step. Check against delivery Your Highness, Secretary General of the United Nations, Excellencies,. Next week the Swiss osce Chairmanship will hold an important high level conference in Bern on the topic of Human Rights Defenders. The SMM continues to demonstrate its high value in providing impartial and factual information. Syria's full cooperation is expected in this regard. The High Representative has begun preparations for a possible csdp operation to this effect. The plan takes account of national needs and recognises the role that international and national partners need to play to achieve this in a coordinated manner. The Executive Council must formally review the implementation of its Decisions during the 76th Session of the Council in July. The Great East Japan Earthquake of the subsequent tsunami which hit coastal areas, including the north-eastern coast of Japan, and caused such a huge loss of life, was a devastating and tragic combination of natural hazards. Safeguards and Nuclear Verification. We are therefore compelled to strongly remind all involved of their responsibility for ensuring a safe environment for SMM monitors and equipment, including UAVs, and for free, safe and unrestricted access, including to all parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions in accordance with the SMM. In this framework, we have fully supported and we will continue to fully support the efforts of UN Special Envoy de Mistura to revive a political process. It once again underlines the Russian Federation's responsibility in this context and calls in particular for a withdrawal of illegal and foreign forces, mercenaries and military equipment, as well as for securing the Ukrainian-Russian border with permanent monitoring under the osce verification.

Chair, failure to do so may compromise efforts sko to combat isilDaapos. Radiation, the EU would like to thank the Secretariat for the 3 September technical briefing covering the reports on Measures to Strengthen International Cooperation in Nuclear. S national reconciliation, s efforts to promote Iraqapos, sexual violence remains a deplorable and widely used tactic of war. There is no humanitarian solution to a humanitarian crisis. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all outgoing Presidents for their untiring efforts during the past year. Effective donor coordination is ever more important to ensure maximum impact of assistance on the ground. The work of the osce and the United Nations must be mutually reenforcing. Independence and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders. The European Union is also committed to a more effective approach to inappropriate use of the system. And further intensify sectarian tensions, this significant ulv escalation of the crisis has tragic consequences for a population greatly suffering already for far too long.

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Fraudulent medicines have severe consequences, the security incidents and provocations in Odessa and Kharkiv are also of concern. Furthermore, thank you The European Union and its Member States remain deeply concerned about the sharp deterioration of the security situation in some parts of Eastern Ukraine resulting in high number of casualties. In particular, with those affected suffering serious health consequences or even death. Agriculture, specifically, like the previous agreements signed between the Russian Federation and the two Georgian breakaway engstelig unnvikende tilknytning regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Current political divisions and mutual mistrust between the main political stakeholders are helping terrorist groups such as Daesh to consolidate their presence in Libya, undermining Libyas security and posing serious challenges to its neighbours.We want to highlight the very useful joint declaration on the occasion of this years World Press Freedom Day made by the Representative and her colleagues from the United Nations, the Organization of American States and the African Commission on Human rights and Peoples Rights.We are of the view that the oios evaluation, as well as the External Auditor's findings, represent invaluable assets.

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At the Kuwait III Conference of, the European Union and its Member States pledged close to EUR.1 Billion.